Friday Nov 24
Exposed: Canadian Reggae Rock

I know we have pushed a lot of these bands before, but these are 12 Canadian Reggae Rock bands you must check out:

  1. Dodger
  2. Goodbye Beatdown
  3. Giraffe Aftermath
  4. Walk Off the Earth
  5. IllScarlett
  6. Staylefish
  7. Daniel Wesley
  8. Street Pharmacy
  9. The Next Best Thing
  10. Current Swell
  11. The Soulicitors
  12. Redeye Empire

Lots of good music coming out from way up North!!!

One Response to Exposed: Canadian Reggae Rock

  1. Ryan Guay says:

    So glad to see that Street Pharmacy made this list! Thank you for all of the support!

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