Wednesday Dec 13
Exclusive MP3 Leak: Sense Boardwear

Edley Shine of Born Jamericans, NoNeedz & Daddy Scotty (Chapter 11), Produced by David Foral (Dirtyheads) – Poetry in Motion

To get you amped up for the forthcoming Sense Boardwear acoustic compilation (dropping early next year), and for those that missed it, here is the title track from Sense Boardwear’s latest compilation Poetry in Motion.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase Poetry in Motion from The Pier Store RIGHT HERE! It also features unreleased songs from bands such as Ballyhoo!, Close Enough, The B Foundation, Mike Pinto, RAC and many more.

To find out more information about our friends in Sense Boardwear, CLICK HERE to check out its MySpace page.

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