Tuesday Dec 12
Exclusive MP3 Leak: P-Nuckle

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P-Nuckle – No Justice


New single from the band’s forthcoming album, Stand Up & Bitch.

Sometimes the moment of clarity becomes something continual, rather than an instant. For Denver rock reggae/ska outfit, P-Nuckle, that evolution is about to be more apparent than ever. A matured sense of lucidity, coupled with the experience of a musical career spanning over a decade, has the group poised and ready for national ascent. Known for a dedicated passion for delivering messages of hope and triumph over adversity has allowed the band to cultivate an extremely loyal fanbase; one that is sure to grow with the release of the band’s fourth studio album, Stand Up and Bitch.

To find out more information about P-Nuckle, CLICK HERE to check out the band’s MySpace page.

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