Friday Nov 24
Cydeways Drops New Singles Ahead Of Debut Full-Length

Santa Barbara reggae rock quartet Cydeways recently dropped another single off their upcoming album But It Ain’t House Music. The track titled “Love For Two” highlights the band’s softer side, contrasting well with their previous single, an upbeat ska song called “Trippin’ Like The Disco.” But It Ain’t House Music is expected to release on September 15th, 2017.

Cydeways is led by Dustin Parks (vocals/guitar), and also features Jeremy CydewaysBaker (lead guitar), Casey Kernohan (drums) and Ryan Loui (bass), with Trevor Buckingham handling production and engineering. The band originated in Boston, MA, but currently operates out of Santa Barbara, CA. Cydeways exist in the scene with their smooth blend of reggae rock, ska, and hip hop, highlighted on a handful of singles and their 2016 EP Ride On.

Speaking on the latest single, Dustin Parks expressed some skepticism about even releasing “Love For Two.” Parks explains, “I was hesitant to release ‘Love for Two’ as a single because it shows a very soft side of Cydeways which I’m not totally into.” But close friends and his other band mates convinced him it was a necessity. “Ever since we released it, ‘Love For Two’ has been a huge hit with our current fans, and has brought on many new ones,” says Parks, admitting, “Now its actually one of my favorite songs to play live.”

But It Aint House Music, Cydeways debut full-length, promises a ton of different styles from the group. Previously Parks told us, “Our album is actually going to be slightly different than our past work. Lead guitarist Jeremy Baker adds a lot to the project with style and song structure. We have some rootsy tracks like ‘Sun Goes Down,’ but the record will also consist of a lot more heavy style punk & ska tunes.” 

The band recorded the new album at their home studio in Santa Barbara, as well as back home in Massachusetts at Trevor Buckingham’s studio Common Roots Music

The album gets its name from a line in Sublime‘s song “Let’s Go Get Stoned,” when Bradley Nowell sings “Bright lights put me in a trance, but it ain’t house music, makes me want to dance.” Parks contends, “I think the name is perfect because house music is so huge right now and I can’t stand it.”

Check out the singles off of But It Aint House Music below, and get ready for the full release coming September 15th.


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Article By: Brian Winters

Listen: Cydeways – Love For Two