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The Movement ‘Care’ in Santa Barbara

The Pier captured The Movement performing Care (You Don’t Even) with its cameras at the Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara. The song is featured on The Pier’s Vol 1 Compilation. Pick it up in The Pier Store now!

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Another Day

Pic by IrieAZ Photo

The Pier: Is Tell Me Baby about one girl in particular?

Another Day: Tell Me Baby is about all girls in general. It is telling girls to quit playing games and if they like you then they should tell you, so you don’t have to be guessing how they feel.

The Pier: Where did you record the track and who with?

Another Day: We recorded the track at our drummer Phil’s P9’s Studio. He engineered, produced and recorded it.

The Pier: The band is going to drop its next album Another Dollar in September. What can you tell us about it so far?

Another Day: It is a blend of many styles of music with reggae as a foundation. Our first album was straight dub, since it was produced by the Scientist but this album is more of our own sound being that we produced it ourselves. When people hear it they will know it’s Another Day.

The Pier: What other plans does Another Day have for the rest of 2009? Any touring?

Another Day: We will be touring the west coast and Mexico in the rest of 2009. We are planning to tour the US in early 2010.

Another Day MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Mike Pinto

The Pier: Never Say Never is a very unique song, I love the guitar lead in it. How did this song come together?

Mike Pinto: I stumbled upon the lead while messing with different minor scales, and wanted something darker. I love minor scales! I was listening to a lot of John Lennon’s solo stuff at the time, and wanted the lyrics to be broad and unspecific.
The other part of the inspiration for the song was from my girl actually, who (before becoming my girl) told me she’d never get with me (haha). I used to sing, “Never say, never say, never say never.” She hated it! It was just going to be an acoustic song, then Tommy Dubs talked about putting percussion on it.

The Pier: As you mentioned you worked with Tommy Dubs (Gadfly) on the track. There is a tight little musical community in Ocean Beach isn’t there?

Mike Pinto: Yes and no. The thing about O.B. is that it’s filled with many transient people. Many artists, musicians, etc. briefly pass through, spend a year or two, and then move on. There are those who will never leave, simply because the town is so special. I’ve moved in and out of O.B. a few times. I have crossed paths with tons of good musicians here though, especially at Winston’s. As long as that venue is in Ocean Beach, there will always be a music scene here.

The Pier: You just dropped an all acoustic album, Everything I Got. Why did you release something like that now? It is such a great listen.

Mike Pinto: There were two reasons for the acoustic album. First off, a lot of fans knew or saw me as an acoustic performer, not in a band. There were a lot of emails saying they wanted to hear me with just a guitar in my hand. So I wanted to keep the true fans content.

The other reason I released the album was honestly to put gas in the van. I haven’t played with the band enough on the road, I’ll be the first to admit that.

The Pier: What else has have you got planned for 2009? Any touring plans?

Mike Pinto: TOUR, TOUR, TOUR! That’s all I want to do this year! I just came back from touring acoustic with The B Foundation and Ballyhoo! through the South, and the band will be joining me for five weeks on my first national tour. I’ll be sure to let The Pier know where exactly, but some dates are already on my MySpace.

The Pier: So what are some of your favorite compilation albums?

Mike Pinto: My best friends got me into Fat Wreck Chords compilations, SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST and PHYSICAL FATNESS. They stick out the most to me. Reminds me of stealing liquor and getting drunk in the woods in high school (haha).

Mike Pinto MySpace

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Pier Vol Interview: Pato Banton

The Pier: Reggae Party is such a fun summer jam. It must be a great song to play live?

Pato Banton: Yes it is! When we were recording the new album “Destination Paradise” we wanted to add a song that had a really get up and dance, feel good factor. Reggae Party does just that while still conveying a positive message.

The Pier: After recording so much music over the past 25 years, how do you keep it fresh and draw new inspirations?

Pato Banton: Traveling the world, meeting new people and jamming with new musicians keeps life and creativity very fresh. The journey of life with all its up and downs inspires me in so many ways I think there will always be something new to write about.

The Pier: What do you think of these new generation of reggae rock artists coming up today in the scene? Is there anyone who you think had got mad skills?

Pato Banton: There is a new wave of Rock/Reggae bands popping up all over the place. We just finished touring across America and playing in 45 States. It’s so cool having new local bands open up for us in different cities. And it’s even better when they throw down an awesome set. I love the way they experiment with various styles of music, especially when they throw some Ska and Roots in the mix. A recent band I just saw that had mad skills was called Rising Son with an amazing lead singer/rapper called I-Levi.

The Pier: What else have you got planned for 2009?

Pato Banton: I’m currently working on a song for a movie soundtrack, a couple musical collaborations and trip to Germany and the UK. Apart from all that I intend to continue with my musical ministry, touring across the USA spreading the Good News!

Pato Banton MySpace

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Exclusive MP3 Leak: The Pier Compilation Vol 1 Preview

The Pier Compilation – Volume 1 (Five Track Preview)


The Pier is proud to present an MP3 Leak preview of five songs from its new compilation The Pier Volume 1. Included in this mix is:

  • Dirty Heads
  • Ballyhoo!
  • 3rd Alley
  • Another Day
  • Stick Figure

To read more about the compilation and behind the scenes interviews CLICK HERE! To pre-order the compilation, featuring all new and unreleased tracks just CLICK on the PIC above. Album drops next Tuesday!

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Black Seeds

The Pier: For the uninitiated how would you describe The Black Seeds sound?

Barnaby Weir (vocals/guitar): We sound like a sizzling BBQ, beside a vintage car, next to the beach on a summers day after a few beers pressed to vinyl.

Mike Fabulous (guitar/vocals): Or old school 60’s and 70’s reggae meets funk and soul with a little afro, tied together with modern songwriting techniques and an ear towards the future.

The Pier: What can you tell us about the reggae dub scene in NZ at the moment?

Barnaby Weir: Well NZ roots scene is healthy with heaps of different bands making their own south Pacific soul, funk and reggae. Most of NZ’s best bands fit within that scene. There’s definitely a strong flavor coming out of Aotearoa and locals and internationals are starting to take notice. It’s encouraging.

The Pier: Tell us about the songwriting behind the track you are contributing to the compilation, Strugglers?

Barnaby Weir: I wrote Strugglers for the Solid Ground album. To me it’s about not forgetting those who struggle just to survive. It’s easy for privileged and educated people to get complacent about the state of the world. If anything we have even more responsibility to do something about it. “Do it, give what you can.” I believe first we must be conscious and then take action.

The Pier: You must be excited to make your first trip to the US and with John Brown’s Body no less?

Barnaby Weir: Yes!! So so excited to be touring with JBB! We can’t wait. The Black Seeds have been to the States before but just a short trip. We will get to see a lot more this time around, and I know our U.S fans have been wanting to see us for ages. So we are all really looking forward to a big US adventure. New people, new venues and new cities. Bring it on

The Black Seeds MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: OPM

The Pier: Holiday in the Sun is such a dope track, had you been working on it for some time or is it brand new?

John e (vocals): Thank you! It’s brand new.

The Pier: There are lots of sounds going on in it and it has a lot of depth. Did it take a while to produce this track?

John e: Matt laid down the first beat at his studio in San Diego a few months ago and then Geoff went down there and recorded the guitars. Then we brought it up to our studio in LA and Shane laid down the drums, Jonathan dropped the clav line and our neighbor Bones laid down a violin track.

Then, I vibed on it for a few days, wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals. At that point, there was a lot going on and it took days to get the mix right. The overall process did take some time.

The Pier: Your latest album Golden State of Mind, is probably the best OPM album released to date. Looking back on it now, how do you feel about it?

John e: I agree 100%. We really got into a different mindset before we started this record and wanted to crush it. I think, as a band, we have all really jelled and everyone is very focused on their individual role. On this record, we spent more time writing than recording, which is different for us. In the past, if there was a problem with a song, we would just re-record it. With this record, we would re-write the song, which meant we all had to have an open-mind about it, which is rare for bands who have been together for as long as us.

Also, working with Jim Perkins and Andrew Nast on this record had a big effect on the sound. They were instrumental in keeping us focused, especially with me, by taking the pro tools reigns so I could focus on singing rather than engineering.

The Pier: What other plans does OPM have for the rest of 2009? Any touring? Videos?

John e: We are actually on tour right now with Rehab. In fact, I’m somewhere in between Oregon and Reno right now, sitting in our brand new sprinter van typing away on my iPhone. We are still planning a UK tour for this year and we will also be touring in the South-West in October.

We have a new video coming out any day now for the track Feel the Vibration. It looks amazing. We also shot a video for Run Away, which I directed. It is being edited now. It’s like a short film and the song is the soundtrack.

We are also putting out a B-Sides record in a few months; it will have songs from our past records that never came out in the States, a few songs we did with Big B, as well as four re-records of songs from the Menace to Sobriety record.

The Pier: As a producer, what else are you working on at the moment?

John e: I am producing a bunch of stuff right now. I’m producing the first record for a band called Stinky Pinky. I’m also working with a band called Chico and the Sapphires, recording and mixing their hip-hop record Filth. As well, I’m recording a Japanese band called Inazuma. I’m in the process of finishing a few OPM mixes for the new CD as well as two tracks for our friends from HHR. Once I get all that wrapped, I’ll start to record Thunderchief’s record. And, as always, I am working on new OPM tracks.

OPM MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: John Brown’s Body

The Pier: It is cool to see John Brown’s Body hook up with Dubmatix again, who remixed one of your songs on Re-Amplify. You must really like working with him then?

Tommy Benedetti (drums): It’s great to have Dubmatix on board for another remix. I’m a real fan of his work and his version of “The Gold” on RE-AMPLIFY really inspired the band and has been a great addition to our live show. We hope to keep collaborating with him well into the future. I feel like we’ve laid a great foundation to make that happen.

The Pier: What was the lyrical inspiration for the original Make Your Move track?

Tommy Benedetti: The song is sort of a dig at the music industry, about how rigid and self serving it is. “Make Your Move” is a call to action for people to become self efficient in doing their art.

The Pier: I see JBB is bringing The Black Seeds out for an upcoming US tour. How was this put together?

Tommy Benedetti: We are truly psyched to be bringing The Black Seeds to the US. We were turned on to them last year while we were on tour and they instantly became our pre-show music. The last bunch of tours that we’ve done, we really have tried to bring a quality support act to make it a full show. Passafire, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, and Blue King Brown are all good friends and killer bands and those tours were a lot of fun. It seemed like The Black Seeds would also fit the bill so our manager reached out to them, and with a lot of work by both teams, made it happen. I really can’t wait to meet them.

The Pier: What else has the band got coming up for the rest of 2009?

Tommy Benedetti: The rest of the year is looking real good. We’re heading out on a 13 date run with our friends Passafire that takes us from Philly down to Orlando; then we gear up for 11 US dates with The Black Seeds. In October, we head to the UK to support the Easy Star All Stars for three weeks and after that, amazingly enough, we are heading to New Zealand for three weeks!! The Black Seeds are returning the love by having JBB support them in their homeland. We finish 2009/kickoff 2010 on Jam Cruise, which is rollin to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands, not bad, not bad at all.

John Brown’s Body MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Rome

The Pier: Only is a such a great summer track. Tell us about the song-writing behind it.

Rome: Well I was singing humming the chorus melody for a while and I played it totally different, but one day at the studio I guess I decided to just skank it out. Lewi (Richards), my engineer/bass player conjured up a sick bass line and after jamming it a few times we put it on wax. As far as the lyrics go it’s plain and simple, it’s about being sick and tired of living on the Rich Man’s agenda and more importantly it’s about the realization of, “There is more of us than there is of them.” We have entered the age of “Class-ism” for sure.

The Pier: You also get to perform with the Dirty Heads on its contribution to the compilation (Lay Me Down). What was it like being in the studio with those guys? They can be quite the handful.

Rome: All I got to say is that if you hang with the DH you better know how to do two things 1. Drink and 2. have a good fuckin time. Hahaha naw, the boy’s and I have been good friends for a while and to not do a song with them would be a crime. We all wanted to collab on some new stuff so we met up in Duddy B’s backyard, sat in the sun with the beer and bong and just started beastin out.

We hit the Hurley Recording Studio later that week to drop what we had wrote and it all fell together wonderfully, but to get those booming drums and that extra little rub-a-dub feel we had to finish it up with our boy Lewi at 17th St. Recording. Those guys are mad talented and have the most unique sound in the whole scene if you ask me. You can definitely count on seeing some more DirtyHeads/Rome shit.

The Pier: Are you prepping a solo album release? If so when can we expect to see that?

Rome: At the moment I have some other projects in the works.

Now I know Pier readers are asking where the hell is the questions regarding jamming with the Sublime boys (Bud & Eric)? Well we asked and got nothing. However, The Pier is guessing a big announcement is just around the corner. Look for it here first.

Rome MySpace

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The Pier Compilation Vol 1 Pre-order Update!

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: The B Foundation

The Pier: Time is a pretty rocking punk rock tune, it must be cool as band to explore different genres of music?

Jason Moorehead (bass): We at this point pretty much stand to be that band in our scene that feels that we can get away with anything. We have immersed ourselves into music since we were youngsters and have soaked up so many different vibes and different styles. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel but instead push the boundaries of whats “acceptable” in our genre of music. The songs on Souvenirs are still rooted in reggae but if we are feeling some metal, punk, or jazz we’re gonna do our best to rip it. We only try to please ourselves and hope that all the kids and fans dig what we dig, ya dig?

The Pier: This track is from your Souvenirs recording session, what was it like working with Josh Fischel as producer?

Jason Moorehead: Josh was great, we really respect him as an artist first and foremost. We took him on tour last fall as an opener and he was so much fun to have in the van and to watch him perform every night was awesome. He has one of the most awesome voices I’ve ever heard, it’s very powerful and soulful. When it came to the actual recording sessions, Josh took over as an engineer when we had problem with our first engineer. What he didn’t know he learned on the fly and pushed us to make a record that sounded like The B Foundation, which was our goal also. He did a great job, although he did have some mean gas.

The Pier: This is your first album with Tyler on guitar, what do you think he has brought to the band?

Jason Moorehead: Well Tyler has brought a lot to the table, he’s a different dude. He moved down here to LA from Portland Oregon, he learned all our old songs without a hitch, he jumped into the band feet first and hit the ground running. I try to put myself in his shoes and see how mind boggling it all could have been to join a band that tours 200 days a year, in debt, trying to record its most important record to date, and under the pressures of everything that comes along with it.

It must have been tough, but Tyler seems to be having the time of his life. Meeting new people and enjoying the road, and committing everything he has to The B Foundation. His guitar playing level is above many and sometimes it even seems as if he’s bored playing. He really digs in and loves to feel the music he’s playing. His mind operates on another level musically and I can’t wait to get to explore it even further when we start writing for our next record.

The Pier: We just read that you signed a distribution deal with EMI, that must be pretty exciting?

Jason Moorehead: Yeah we signed a deal with Fuel Records out of Orlando FL, they are going to be working Souvenirs and distributing it through EMI. We are stoked to get our album into new markets and to have people pushing it beyond what we’ve been able to accomplish alone as an independent artist. The best part is the album is made and the people at Fuel/EMI love the record and are passionate about pushing it. We aren’t looking too far into the future with this thing, we are just happy to have our CDs available to the masses and can’t wait to see what doors it opens for the B.

The Pier: What else has the B Foundation got planned for 2009?

Jason Moorehead: 2009? Its almost over isn’t it? We are going to continue to market the new record and push it through our radio channels. KROQ in Los Angeles shows us love, which is immensely cool. The are pretty much the taste maker for all alternative radio stations across the country. We’re hoping to get some songs placed in commercials and movies to further expand the touch of The B.

We are currently chillin’ and enjoying some much needed time off. We’ve been working non stop for over two years. When I say time off I just mean a month, a month with five shows. So I guess we really are only giving our van a break, we are booking up a nationwide Fall tour that starts in September and is going to run up until Thanksgiving time. We really hope to get on some bigger tours again this year. It’s very hard to follow up last Fall’s tour with Slightly Stoopid, but being on tour as a headliner and doing the groundwork is what has made us who we are and we’ll continue to grind it out until we strike oil, or lose our minds! I’d bet on the oil.

The B Foundation MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Flip & Rollie

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Phil Carrillio (Flip) and Ryan Brolliar (Rollie) first met in 6th grade when their cross-town elementary schools combined making the jump to middle school. Ryan was the cool jock guy and Phil was the rebel skater guy. Both were cocky, arrogant, and thought they were way cooler than they really were. They tried to avoid each other but their two worlds collided when they started going after each others girlfriends. It was then that they decided it was best to just get along and combine forces. They have been best friends ever since and have always shared a love for music. From bangin’ on tupperware to drunken campfire songs, they quickly realized how fun and fulfilling music was to create and perform… The rest is history.

The Pier: Your song on the compilation (Reggae Show) is a cool tribute to reggae music. Was your aim to write the “happiest song of the summer?” Cause I think you succeeded.

Flip: Well actually we were shooting for the “happiest song of the year” but according to you, we came up short. Thanks.

Rollie: No, really it was actually written to express how much we enjoy going to reggae shows and listening to reggae music. The vibe is different than most other shows. Everyone seems so chill and at peace, and it goes to show how positive and impactful reggae music can be.

The Pier: Is Reggae Show a good reflection of your band’s overall sound?

Flip: Funny you should ask because we are really all over the place with different kinds of music. When it comes to placing us in a specific genre its tough. We may play a reggae song followed by a jazz piece then turn around and sing an acappella 50’s style doo-wop. The love of performing ALL music may ultimately be what defines the Flip & Rollie Band.

Rollie: I agree with Flip. Right now we’re still enjoying experimenting with different types of music. However, if there is one sound and type of music that we both agree upon writing, it’s acoustic.

The Pier: When can we expect to see an official release from you guys?

Both: In the next couple months. Most likely September. We want to also take this opportunity to thank Paradigm Studios for all the hard work and patience in the last months to complete this album.

The Pier: What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

Both: Write, record, perform, and surf.

Flip & Rollie MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Stick Figure

The Pier: Your song Livin It, is a six minute reggae epic, you must be super stoked on it?

Stick Figure: Yeah, I was definitely happy with the way it turned out. Livin it is actually an old song that me and my friend TJ O’Neill wrote together about three years ago. It was suppose to be on my first album “The Sound of My Addiction,” but we never got around to finishing it.

I recorded this new version when I was living in Argentina over the past year. The first group of lyrics were originally written when me and Tj were just sitting around jamming on the guitar one night. The words came together in minutes. I always loved the concept of the lyrics and I am glad that we finally finished it years later.

TJ deserves as much credit as myself on this one. He played a huge roll in the writing of the lyrics as well as the melodies. He even sang a couple verses himself at the end of the song which definitely makes for a cool transition.

The Pier: Like previous recordings did you play all the instruments on it?

Stick Figure: That’s right, I did all the instruments on this one.

The Pier: When can we expect your new album to drop? It has been brewing for some time.

Stick Figure: The new album is very close to being done. I’m guessing it will be released in September or October of 2009. I think the Stick Figure fans will enjoy this one. I believe it’s my best work to date.

The Pier: How has the move from the East Coast to San Diego been going for you?

Stick Figure: It has been going great. I love it out here and have met a lot of really cool people. I got a band together within the first couple weeks and have been jamming ever since. They are a great group of musicians and are all very dedicated to the music. We are planning on recording an album together this fall. It will have several brand new songs that we wrote together, as well as some new versions of some of the old Stick Figure tunes.

The Pier: Now that you have put this band together, are you looking at touring in the near future?

Stick Figure: At this point we are just playing around the Southern California area and it has been going great. We have not talked about any tours or anything at this point though.

Stick Figure MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: Sunset Bus

The Pier: Did you go into the studio recently to record this new jam Take it Easy?

Satoshi: We were recording up until the deadline! We wanted to “take it easy,” but it wasn’t possible this time.

The Pier: Does Sunset Bus have any further releases planned for 2009?

Satoshi: We want to maybe release something, maybe a five song CD, around October or November.

The Pier: How is the reggae rock scene in Japan at the moment?

Satoshi: It is still a small scene here in Japan. However, all the bands and fans in this scene have very strong spirits and love toward the music. So it is always getting more and more people involved, and the music is spreading! Everyone checks The Pier and Sense Boardwear here!

The Pier: Nice. You came out to the USA earlier this year for a visit. How was that?

Satoshi: It was so fun! I saw shows of the band I like, and hung out at various places. My soul got a very strong stimulation!

The Pier: You also started the wonderful Japanese record label One Big Family Records. What does it have planned for the rest of 2009?

Satoshi: We released ONE BIG FAMILY 5 this summer! I got together 15 bands from the Japanese reggae-rock scene. I plan to release Skunk Records bands, and some other bands from foreign countries. Please stay connected with ONE BIG FAMILY RECORDS!

Sunset Bus MySpace

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: RAC

The Pier: Flourish is another classic laid back RAC tune. What was the inspiration behind it? Where did you do the recording session for it?

RAC: Flourish is pretty much about an outsider’s perspective to the whole economic crisis right now. We were never part of the problem cuz we know life’s not about material things! We tracked Flourish over at our studio at Derek’s place called Fertile Panda Studios. We also recorded a couple tracks from our album Heavy over there as well.

The Pier: Speaking of Heavy, this is one of The Pier’s favorite releases of the year, how has the response been to date from everyone else?

RAC: Yeah, we released Heavy May 9th and had our CD release show @ The Clubhouse in Tempe with a lot of our favorite local reggae bands in AZ. The response from Heavy has been great; really look forward to hitting the road in support of the album.

The Pier: Who did the artwork for it? It is easily my favorite this year.

RAC: Our buddy Bailey Flynn helped out with the artwork for Heavy. After we finished our album we got in contact with him, listened to the album and came up with some ideas. Bailey took the RACtopus to a new level!

The Pier: What else has RAC got planned for 2009? Are you planning on doing any interstate touring?

RAC: Right now we are in the process of getting a van. We’re on the road after that trying to hit up places where we got fans! Other than that we want to continue playing all around the southwest to continue supporting Heavy.

The Pier: So what are some of your favorite compilation albums?

RAC: We like listening to the Volcom and Epitaph compilation albums, you know the ones you get from Warped Tour? Fat Wreck also puts out some awesome podcasts. We also enjoy the Sense Boardwear and The Pier compilations; you guys have put out some solid CDs!

RAC MySpace

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