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Bumpin Uglies’ Sublime with No One EP

If you’re not familiar with Bumpin’ Uglies, they’re a 3-piece white-boy reggae group from Maryland and with their latest EP, Sublime with No One, they’re likely garnering more attention for the EP title than they are the new songs on the EP…

The 5 track EP dropped on October 16th via their own Bandcamp page. The title, Sublime with No One, is what mainly sticks out on a cover that strongly resembles Bad Religion‘s cover-art for the iconic release of No Control.

At first, this EP looks like a statement release towards the reformation of Sublime by parodying Sublime with Rome. When I asked lead-singer Brandon Hardesty what the correlation was, he replied: “The title was just something we thought was funny. We’re always hearing from people that we sound like Sublime so we just thought we’d embrace it.”
Let me say that the group is Sublime-y with their sound, but with respect to Brandon Hardesty, he has his own unique vocal delivery that I would in no way mistake for Sublime’s vocalist, Brad Nowell. Lyrically driven, there’s a lot of distortion guitars to open up songs that transition into clean up-skanks over walkable baselines and aggressive drums, such as the opening track with “Warning”. It’s a really fun and unique sound that I feel sticks out quite nicely in contrast to a lot of the Roots and Island inspired Reggae that’s been polarized the last few years.

It maintains it’s adolescent edge with the song “Fuck It” a long with the coming of age angst with “Maturity” and “Social Ladders”. There’s rock, punk and ska along with the occasional horns and a good amount of reggae undertones that really make this a fun listen.

I feel the EP title and approach, however, brings the wrong kind of attention to a group that has a good enough sound to stand on their own without the crutch of name-dropping Sublime for no reason other than to be funny.

With an EP title like Sublime with No One, my first impression was they’re throwing shade at Sublime with Rome and the songs on the EP might be representative of that. When I listened to the EP, there were no songs specific to the title and I felt that the title ultimately cheapened the music due to a bad marketing idea around a lack of identity. I walked away more with the feeling that they were just being passive aggressive towards Sublime with Rome and it compromised the musics ability to stand on its own because of how misleading the title was to what the music entails. It’s as if this was a strong ploy to attract the die-hard Sublime fans while being passive aggressive towards SWR.

While that’s what my initial impression was, the reality according to the group is that they were just playing up their fans comparison of them to Sublime.

This approach does nothing for the group other than possibly appeasing some anti-SwR Facebook groups and they’re only left with further isolating themselves from potential opportunities that SWR’s management may unknowingly have a hand in.

With all of that said, if you like Sublime, you will likely enjoy the music on this EP but you have to remove the impression that the content of their songs are in anyway Sublime or SWR related, because they’re not; other than being Sublime sounding. I’m sure fans and friends of Bumpin Uglies likely understand the humor, but you can only have one first impression and in an attempt to reach new ears, I don’t see this being a smart move.

I’m going to double down on this rant and suggest that Bumpin Uglies even consider changing their own name. These guys play good reggae-rock music, but I have a hard time taking them serious with a name like Bumpin Uglies. One interpretation of the name is that they’re some Ugly members with music that’s Bumpin’. The more likely interpretation is the visual of what the band name implies and I’ll allow your inner 12-year-old imagination to connect the dots.

The band name just feels amateur and immature which is in direct contrast to their music. How many people that work in an office would feel comfortable having Bumpin Uglies on their screen when their manager walks by? Or in school when a teacher walks by? Explaining yourself would only make it worse. I would imagine some top tier bands may have reservations with putting the name “Bumpin Uglies” on a tour poster because of the name, not the music.

I feel Bumpin Uglies limit their ability to reach new fans, not to mention tour and collaborative opportunities, solely because of the name and I honestly cannot think of another band out there that this same scenario applies to.

With all of that said, the EP is Sublimey and enjoyable, just don’t let the name and title sway you because there’s some discoverable talent here with good music. You can listen and purchase the new EP by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

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29 Responses to Bumpin Uglies’ Sublime with No One EP

  1. Sam says:

    I feel like this is more of a rant on a name and a title than a feature on the quality music the band clearly produces. Poor journalism in my opinion.

    • Mike Patti says:

      It’s all relevant Sam. The music is good, but the marketing of the music behind a Sublime label was a poor choice that compromised the music upon first impression. It took me awhile to get past the title to enjoy the music because I was immediately searching for the correlation of the songs to the title and there was none – this just seemed really unnecessary. With that said and its well documented in the read, is that the music is good – I just dont care for the title. To gloss over the title and just talk up the music I think would be poor & lazy journalism. But I will say that you are a good, supportive fan!

      • Sam says:

        Reading all of the other comments…I would likely get a slap on the wrist from my job for googling any band name or song with weed references in it, too…with that logic, I guess we should disregard 80% of the of this awesome reggae music scene because it’s not PC. I’ll take a band that stays true to themselves, as evident through their lyrics, and their “not-giving-shit-what-the-man-thinks” band name and album title any day over a PC faker. Also, if it takes you half an album to get over your offense to a band name and album title, enough to write the majority of a review on it, you might want to reconsider why you are involved in the music-making business in the first place….especially in a scene that promotes brotherhood theough the beauty of music. Also, quick question? Are you offended by Stick Figure’s references to cocaine and hookers? You might want to avoid listening Burial Ground at work. Lighten up my friend, take a joke, and embrace the music.

        • Mike Patti says:

          Sam – If you read the article and the comments you would see this had nothing to do with the content of their songs, nor does it have anything to do with them singing about weed, cocaine, sex, or “Fuck It” which happened to be my favorite song on the EP. It has to do with the title of the band limiting their exposure due to its middle school reference to having sex in addition to the pointless name-drop of Sublime as their EP title. The only ones that can get away with that title, in my opinion, is OG Sublime or Long Beach Dub Allstars. Not Bumpin Uglies from Maryland. Slightly Stoopid isn’t a PC Faker and the only reference they’ve ever made to Sublime was putting their homie Brad Nowell in their Prophet music video. They dont even cover Sublime. Butthole Surfers came out in 1981, a completely different time period to today’s digital marketing of music. I love Stick Figure & their songs and I love that their band name isn’t a middle school reference to sex. The ceiling for Stick Figure receiving awareness isn’t limited because of it which means their songs and music will thrive that much more as a result. Name one other band TODAY in the same context as “Bumpin Uglies” that is finding success – doesnt have to be reggae-rock. The “Album” was 16 minutes Sam, I listened to it over and over to see if there was any correlation to them name-dropping Sublime and after asking Brandon directly, apparently it was supposed to be a joke. In my opinion, it was a bad joke that falls flat that has more reference to Sublime with Rome than it does with them self-representing themselves as Sublime with No One or being sublime sounding or being funny. And you dont have to be a “PC Faker” to be smart about maximizing your resources and opportunities as a band by not coming up with a name that limits your awareness & viral-ability. YOu cancel out a good chunk of fans who would otherwise like your music, that is going on to the next band because Bumpin Uglies is a joke-reference they likely grew out of, such as myself.

          • Mike says:

            “Sam – If you read the article and the comments you would see this had nothing to do with the content of their songs” BAHAHAHAHAHA you just pointed out EXACTLY what is wrong with the article. It is a album review that makes very little reference to the music on the album. A joke of a review.

          • Mike Patti says:

            Mike – it wasn’t a review. There was no star rating that is consistent with our other album reviews. It was an article giving perspective to the band name & EP title, while talking up the music as good (which you continue to disregard, that I was endorsing the music). It wasn’t a review – sorry that was your impression.

  2. Guy says:

    I have to say… being a fan of Bumpin Uglies for a while now and loving this EP since its release… The name didn’t even occur to me as a poke at SWR OR a reference to Sublime until reading your article. Maybe it’s my love of words that made me think it referred to the actual meaning of the word sublime… obviously I missed the joke but I don’t agree that the title or band name will cause any issues with anyone… There are far more acerbic band names in existence and it doesn’t stop people from listening. Just my 2 copper… glad you at least enjoyed the tunes on there though.

    • Mike Patti says:

      Guy – I was writing this article off and on from my desk at the “Day Job” and my manager wasn’t too pleased that something with the title “Bumpin Uglies” was on my screen. That’s part of what influenced the name reference. I was even asked not to Google Search that name from my work computer. If that’s the case and I’m just one example, how much of the name could be affecting their viral-ability? My point, is the music is much better than what the band name entails and I feel they could reach new heights with altering the name, but keeping the sound & style.

      • Guy says:

        I get your point but that name and the EP title is kind of exactly who they are.. in fact the track Fuck It kind of says exactly that. Also, your example of having it up on the screen at your day job simply indicates a corporate environment with a stuck up boss who would have issues with other band names as well. Do we think that the name Black Sabbath went over well with the general public back in the day? They seem to have come out of it okay in the long run? How many other ‘offensive’ band names or album covers/titles have appeared over the years and gone on to have great success. Again, just my two copper here but, as a fan of music as a whole I think the album and band name is inconsequential when the music is as solid as Uglies puts out. I also think Rome would likely laugh at this and make it more likely to invite them to open if the opportunity presented itself…

        • Mike Patti says:

          Guy – I can assure you that The Boss is not stuck up whatsoever – especially to let me work and manage The Pier from a corporate desk job. They’re supportive of The Pier and the music it covers. We even have full internet & Social Media access which most corporate jobs dont give permissions to. But your impression that the boss is stuck up and the job is corporate hell is as fair of an impression as my boss’s first impression to the name Bumpin Uglies or mine with Sublime with No One having nothing to do with the songs on the EP. That was his first impression which fuels my position that it can be off-putting to those that dont know the band – just like my corporate desk job can sound more off-putting than it actually is. Give me prime examples of band names that are comparable to Bumpin Uglies, in its context, that have gone to have progressive success? Black Sabbath isn’t in the same context as Bumpin Uglies. Best examples I came up with was The Queers, who started in 1981 and the Circle Jerks who formed 20 years ago and both play up the Punk Rock mindset of their time-periods. Anyone else?

          • Guy says:

            Black Flag – Slip it in… love that image
            Suicidal Tendencies … Just the name itself
            Butthole Surfers … Dead Kennedys… Roxy Music Country Life… David Bowie Diamond Dogs… Roger Waters Pros and Cons…. the list goes on… part of music is controversy … I appreciate your view point and usually agree with your reviews… I dont have a sticker on my guitar all the way over here in the east cause it looks cool… I just don’t agree with your assessment of the name or the band or the album limiting Uglies potential.

          • Mike Patti says:

            Guy – Again, I dont think any of those band names are within the same sexual context as a Bumpin Uglies. Suicidal Tendencies is a good one that would draw more concern at first glance, than something of a middle school reference to having sex with ‘Bumpin Uglies’. I just think with a name like that, you grow out of it as you get older – I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a Bumpin Uglies t-shirt past the age of 21. I believe that Bumpin Uglies produce better music with much better lyrics than a lot of the reggae-rock bands that have found greater success with less talent and a good argument to that explanation is the band name IMO. The guys aren’t assholes, nor are they known for being disrespectful. But I appreciate perspective, such as yours and that’s what we try to provide here more than a “review” which is why this wasn’t considered an Album Review with a Star Rating as it is a perspective from someone on the opposite coast who’s been involved in the scene the last 15 years that the band hit up directly requesting coverage. I just couldn’t in my right mind produce a promotional fluff piece.

          • frank says:

            butthole surfers? pretty much every other punk band ever? weak shit dude, seriously.

  3. Tjohns says:

    Regardless of the Name of the band, Title of the EP. These guys are killing it. They sound like no one out there, and Brandons lyrics are straight on point!

    Give em a break, look past the name to what matters…..The music.

    Carry on Brandon, and Bumpin Uglies. You guys rock!

  4. Heather says:

    Poor journalism is right. Talk more about the actual music, which is great, than your lack in sense of humor.

  5. Potter says:

    “I feel the EP title and approach, however, brings the wrong kind of attention to a group that has a good enough sound to stand on their own without the crutch of name-dropping Sublime for no reason other than to be funny.”

    By definition doesn’t Sublime with No One basically mean they are standing on their own?

    C’mon this whole piece barely touches on the music. The rest is an opinionated ramble about the writer’s thoughts on the title of the EP, the title of the band, career advice, and speculation on how colleagues and other people feel and think about the band’s name.

    As I am writing this the irony of the title of the EP and this review is becoming apparent. BU is going to live and die on their own watch hence the play on words – Sublime with No One. It wasn’t only to be funny it holds true to the band – they do what they want. They can achieve excellence (synonym for Sublime) with no one but themselves – not Rome, not some other band, and certainly not some fucking shitty “album” review from the pier.

    • Mike Patti says:

      “By definition doesn’t Sublime with No One basically mean they are standing on their own?” -No because they aren’t Sublime. And what you’re saying is that folks who are not familiar with Bumpin Uglies and have never heard of or heard the group should automatically understand the play on words to be funny because that’s who they are? And my opinion was requested directly & repeatedly by the band. I summed up the music as much as they felt they did with the EP title – it’s very Sublimey and as a Sublime fan, I thought it was good. I think it’s great they went with an EP title that their longtime fans understood as funny, but what about everyone else? It’s like telling an inside joke to an outsider and criticizing them when they dont get it.

  6. Jessica says:

    I am a huge fan of sublime, as well as sublime with Rome (and obviously of Bumpin Uglies). I got the little comedic nod to SWR, but also took it to have a double meaning as in they feel sublime when alone, on their own, with “no one”. Maybe you’re concentrating too much on the bands who have used “sublime” as their name and not enough on the literal definition of the word accompanied by “with no one”

  7. Mike says:

    This review boils down to “the music is good. I DO NOT LIKE THE NAME OF THE EP. Blah blah blah blah blah rant blah. I DO NOT LIKE THE NAME OF THE BAND. Blah blah my opinion of the name of the band blah blah.”
    As far as the band name feeling “amateur and immature” goes, you do know that there is a wildly successful band named The Butt Hole Surfers, don’t you? You need to focus more on the music man. This whole review just feels amateur and immature to me…

  8. Billy Haze says:

    Sounds more like a knockoff ballyhoo! Nothing close to sublime, but rather than make a name for themselves, they gotta be the band who rides the coat tails of more successful bands. Come on now, reggae music is not about that, I’m really disappointed, bad taste.

  9. @MissFolsomPrism says:

    Last time I checked, the very definition of “Music Journalism” specifically an album review is a critique, an opinion. That being said, just because you don’t agree with the opinion doesn’t mean it’s bad journalism.

    I’ve been a fan of the Uglies for some time now – even driving 3 hours to Madison Wisconsin to catch the band live for the first time a couple years ago. I’ve always been so impressed with Brandon’s storytelling abilities and the live show was one of the most intimate I’ve been to. So naturally I was stoked to hear new music from the boys. That was until I saw the album title and became slightly annoyed. I’m sick of all the Sublime / SWR debate drama. Bradley is Bradley and Rome is Rome. Let’s not go on about that one for the millionth time, shall we? To be honest I didn’t even want to give the EP a chance just because of the title.

    I firmly believe mainstream music hardly takes any of these bands seriously and openly criticizes the quality of the music because of the bad marketing and non-stop bullshit. The simplicity of the composition of any form of reggae gives the impression that anyone can write it, play it and perform it. Unfortunately, the scene has become flooded with bands and dare I say fans faking it. is the only media outlet I know in the scene that is striving to identify the quality music and expose the talent this genre has to offer.

    Bumpin’ Uglies definitely qualify as one of those talented bands. They don’t need anything like an EP name from hindering someone from checking out what matters – the music and the real people like Brandon, TJ and Wolfie.

    Just ask yourself – would you respect a publication if they claimed every band, album, concert or person in the scene was awesome?

  10. RasTony says:

    What a strange piece. First off it seemed like you were gonna review the MUSIC, then came the bashing of the title, and band name. Do you know anything about this band? Any of their history? Just curious because it seems when writing a piece about something you would want to at least do some decent research. Had you done that you prob would have realized who they are as a band before jumping to conclusions about their choice for the ep title. The title could have many meanings, but to just ass-ume its name dropping for whatever reason is simply jumping to conclusions. These guys have busted their asses to get their name out, touring coast to coast many times, given away CDs, etc. They aren’t trying to piggyback a name for recognition.
    And then to criticize their name? Really?? Just because your boss is offended by their name doesn’t make it wrong. Have you ever heard of the Sex Pistols? They were using that name long ago. Bumpin Uglies, it’s a great name honestly, and if you’re ashamed to wear a shirt with their name because conforming to society says so, then you’re probably too old. I’m over 40 and I rock my BU shirt, if people don’t like it, then they can look elsewhere. I didn’t see Bob Marley conforming to what he felt society wanted to hear. It’s music, sometimes it’s controversial.
    All that being said, this cd is another solid release from the Bumpin Uglies. Their music is very upbeat, and their lyrics are great. If you’re a fan of the genre then this is a cd you should pick up. If you’re gonna be offended by a funny band name, or be angry they used the word Sublime in their title, then it may be time to loosen those skinny jeans…

    • Mike Patti says:

      Ras Tony – Yes, we have been covering Bumpin Uglies for several years at The Pier, a quick search of that on our site would pull up us promoting previous releases, tours, weekend shows and more. This wasn’t a “Review” regardless if the band posted it as such – The band asked me specifically for several weeks for my opinion of the release and what I published was that. Both the band name & EP title enables such ass-umptions as not everyone who comes to The Pier knows about Bumpin Uglies, their background or their sense of humor regardless of how many CDs they’ve given away in the past. This was not a REVIEW of their music, this was me giving my PERSPECTIVE of it from top to bottom as requested specifically by the band. My point is that the music is GOOD and much more mature than what the band name says and it’s in no way Sublime related as the EP suggests to those that dont know that it was a joke – and in my opinion, a bad joke. We both share the same love for SUblime – The Pier exists because of Sublime and still, I think putting Sublime in the EP title and then Hashtagging #SUBLIME in your social media posts around the EP is very much suggesting that you’re piggybacking off the name Sublime. As much as I condemned that approach, I still endorsed the music, correct? From that perspective, you could say I’m making a case for the band to those out there who have a different perspective as a result of the name & EP title. Because working The Pier for the last several years, my research & experience pulls up quite a bit on the band to the point where I’m making an argument for them, regardless of their labels. You’re right about Sex Pistols who formed in their time period of 1975 and became influential punk rock icons – But what do they have in common with Bumpin Uglies and what does your reference of Bob Marley have to do with Bumpin Uglies? And yes, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a shirt that says Bumpin Uglies, not because society says so but because I grew out of thinking that is funny. I use to like to play with action figures when I was a kid too, but I grew out of that, not because Society told me to, but I just naturally grew out of it. And you missed the point about my boss – that was a SMALL example of how folks have interpreted their name upon first impression – I say that because most bands dont want to tour bars from coast to coast making $150-$200 a night with FREE beer. I mean if thats the goal, then rock on. I love Dirty Heads & their music but I doubt Dirty Heads would have the same success if they were called “The Dirty Buttholes” – Again, just my perspective as Radio DJ’s would probably rather not shout that out over the air and festivals would, at first impression, rather not see that sticking out on their line-up.
      And I didn’t bash anything, I gave an honest opinion with perspective that isn’t as common as you think in the reggae-rock genre. I didnt write a surfaced fluff piece with “good vibes” up and down the page over a re-written press release to make them feel warm and fuzzy nor did I say that the band sucks. I acknowledged a common perspective of the band that isn’t posted on their FB page and also said that REGARDLESS, the music is good and if you like Sublime, you’ll enjoy the 16-17minutes of the EP.
      More people than not aren’t familiar with Bumpin Uglies cause if they were, we’d see them selling out bigger venues because their music is good & they’re good live – with that said, they’re leaving themselves open to more negative interpretation than not with that EP title because more people are familiar with Sublime and more people are familiar with Sublime with Rome than they are Bumpin Uglies. SO the piggy-backing perspective, the throwing shade at SwR perspective comes through more clearly than a perspective of them being funny or as you said: “These guys have busted their asses to get their name out, touring coast to coast many times, given away CDs, etc. They aren’t trying to piggyback a name for recognition.” But even still Ras Tony, did I not endorse the music on the EP?

      • RasTony says:

        Well I had no idea I was talking to THE Mike Patti “advisor to the stars”. After doing a quick search of the internet I found you haven’t actually been an advisor to any of the “stars”, so your OPINION on a poor band name is simply that. What does the Sex Pistols have to do with the band name? Really? A band from the 70’s putting SEX into their name doesn’t count? I’m sure there were many Mike Patti’s of their day condemning them to never acquire significant fame with a name like that. Seemed to work out well for them. What does Bob Marley have to do with the post? As I said, he wouldn’t be conforming to anyone. Much like BU shouldn’t.
        And then the bands will have to live up to the hefty requirements of making more than 150-200 a night and FREE beer. Lmao, that is a ridiculous statement, especially for someone who claims to be here supporting smaller market bands. They are spreading their vibe, and their music. It’s kinda how you build a fan base. I’m sure Mike Patti’s band hit the scene running and has put out platinum records since day one, because they’re that good. But most other bands have to play for little to no money in bars probably not much different than the one you were conceived in. A kick ass performance now brings more people (hopefully) next time. If you can say their name is holding them back from becoming bigger, then what’s the excuse for the hundreds of other bands in the genre that don’t have names that offend Mike Patti?
        Just keep telling yourself it’s not you, it’s everyone else. Seems to work well for you. Like Jarred said a few comments back, that is EXACTLY what SWR did with their name. Yet they get fellatio instead of being condemned.

        • Mike Patti says:

          You’re right Ras Tony. Bumpin Uglies are just like Sex Pistols and Bob Marley lol. They should name their next album “Sex Pistoling with Bob Marley”

  11. Jarred says:

    I dig the EP name. It is an attention grabber. And very funny and topical. 1st rule of Journalism fight club is get there attention. Isnt Sublime with Rome doing the same thing by using the Sublime name to get to there desired audience?

  12. Mycroft says:

    “When did punk rock become so safe?”

    What an embarrassing piece of ‘journalism’ this was. I’m glad that in repeated comments it has been asserted by the author that “this was not a review”, because it certainly was not. What it is, however, is less clear. A rant? The result of one monkey on one keyboard for one day? An angry diatribe by a jilted ex of Rome Ramirez? We may never know.

    I suspect that the author actually took personal offense to the title of the album, because I can’t remotely understand why someone supposedly familiar with the music industry would level such absurd and matronly complaints about an album or band’s name. The entire thing has the tone of my grandmother forwarding a chain email hoax.

    The irony becomes overwhelming when you consider that the author’s presumptuous and passive aggressive advice regarding the name of the band for the sake of commercialism has probably done nothing but diminish his own brand. I don’t think that anyone who read this drivel would ever be inspired to acknowledge the opinions of the writer again. I certainly won’t.

    -What’s your band’s name?

    • Mike Patti says:

      You’re a good fan, Mycroft, with funny punchlines that’s a bit of a change up to the same rhetoric as the other friends of the band hurling insults to stick up for them… And you can say I was pretty direct oppose to passive aggressive. Presumptuous would be correct, because again, it is my perspective based on my experience of the band that they would see greater success with a different band name rather than a 12-year-olds visual of having sex – which is far from Punk-Rock BTW. I took no offense to the EP title. It makes no difference to me what someone calls their band or EP. I only gave my perspective after Bumpin Uglies requested it several times over several weeks. But am I wrong in my endorsement of the music? Because your comment says that my opinions shouldn’t be acknowledged.

  13. Chad Hillje says:

    I agree with Sam. Hats off to Bumpin Uglies for making such great music. If we were all worried about the content of an album based on the band’s identity then bands like Pepper would have us all scratching our heads wondering why there’s no songs about the spice pepper.
    It seems to me that Mike whom is the journalist reviewing this EP and is a fantastic journalist at that has a bit of a vendetta towards the band and may not like them and was hoping to gather Steam regarding his disdain for “Bumpin Uglies”. Id say it backfired and this band is certainly on their way up. Stay true to who you are. Moving on…

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