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Bumpin Uglies New Album ‘Keep It Together’

Maryland reggae rock trio Bumpin Uglies are prepared to release their newest album, Keep It Together. The album, which is being released by Right Coast Records, will be available everywhere September 9th, 2016. Keep It Together is consistent with Bumpin Uglies’ signature brashness, effectively blending reggae and punk rock on 12 new tracks.

Aside from a collection of exciting new songs, Keep It Together includes some sweet album artwork illustrated by Shaun Logan aka SLOGAN. Logan is the man behind several of reggae rock’s most recognizable album covers, including covers for Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Rebelution, and Ballyhoo! as well as artwork for California Roots & Warped Tour, respectfully. The artwork for Keep It Together is a solid depiction of what you can expect to hear on the album. A bit of controlled chaos.

Bumpin Uglies formed in Annapolis, MD back in 2008. In under a decade, they’ve released 2 full-length LPs, a live show LP, and a number of EPs and singles, all while maintaining a relentless tour schedule. The band is led by Brandon Hardesty (guitar/vocals), and rounded out by Dave Wolf (bass) and TJ Haslett (drums). Bumpin Uglies’ songs typically mesh reggae rhythms, powerful guitar riffs, and swift tempo changes, all while narrating a comedic or relatable tale.

Bumpin Uglies are fresh of the release of their spring EP Better.Faster.Stronger., and are currently in the midst of their summer tour, covering dozens of East Coast cities. Pre-orders for Keep It Together go live on August 19th, 2016.

Bumpin Uglies – Keep It Together Tracklist:
Keep-It-Together1.) All In
2.) Snowflake
3.) Sorry I’m Not Sorry
4.) Stop The Fall
5.) End
6.) Hipster Douchebag
7.) Urination Citation
8.) Place Your Bets
9.) Load In Load Out
10.) Rules Be Damned
11.) Keep Movin
12.) All That I Need

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Article By: Brian Winters

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