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Big Mountain Returns with a New Record!

Internationally renowned reggae act Big Mountain released their new album Perfect Summer on May 27th, 2016. Perfect Summer is the band’s first studio album in well over a decade. Big Mountain collaborated with VPAL, the distribution arm of VP Records, in order to launch their latest project.

Big Mountain is a 5-piece performing out of San Diego, CA. The band’s lineup currently consists of Joaquin “Quino” McWhinney (lead vocals), Michael Hyde (keys), Danny Lopilato BigMountain2016(guitar/vocals), Paul Kastick (drums), and Mike Ortiz (bass). More than 25 years deep, Big Mountain are seasoned veterans of reggae music, having played to enthusiastic crowds around the world, and with a lengthy collection of studio albums.

Over the years, Big Mountain has put forth a selection of hits, a number of which have climbed international reggae charts. However, most notable is the band’s 1994 reggae cover of Peter Frampton’s classic “Baby I Love Your Way.” The track reached as high as No. 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, No. 1 on Mainstream Top 40, and No. 2 in the UK. More than two decades later the song remains relevant globally. The single continues to amass over 600,000 streams via Spotify each month.

Big Mountain’s new album features an array of new material that manages to be fresh, while retaining their vintage feel-good vibe. Perfect Summer also contains another reggaefied cover, this time taking on The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun.” The album is now available worldwide and you can pick it up on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Though dates are still being determined, Big Mountain is preparing for a world tour this summer in support of the new release, Perfect Summer. Check back soon for updates!

Big Mountain – Perfect Summer Tracklist:
coverImage1.) All the Praise Due
2.) Seven More Days
3.) Here Comes the Sun
4.) Vision
5.) I’m Calling You Out
6.) Perfect Summer
7.) Gimme the Kushumpeng
8.) It’s All Good Today
9.) Reggae Got Soul
10.) Here Comes That Feeling
11.) Here Comes the Sun (Top 40)
12.) Here Comes the Sun (Radio)

Big Mountain Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: Big Mountain – “Here Comes The Sun” (Official Video)

One Response to Big Mountain Returns with a New Record!

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Big Mountain, is dope, ha I remember listening to their cover of The Youngbloods “Get Together” back as a little kid. Their known also for their covers as you guys mentioned their most famous one is Peter Frampton’s “Baby, I Love Your Way”. Will be curious to check this album out for the hell of it, and they did a cover of a Beatles song on this new album too. \M/

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