Thursday Feb 22
Bad Brains 35th Anniversary

It was a journey down a bumpy road to achieve reggae-punk-rock stardom, but after an illustrious career that has been influential to so many prominent artists of today, Bad Brains is celebrating their 35th anniversary, and the release of their ninth studio album, Into The Future.

Emerging from the punk movement that they helped pioneer, Bad Brains is easily one of the most significant bands still making music today. With their novel, adrenaline-filled live performances and innovative genre-crossing style, Bad Brains shares a spot in American Rock history alongside other iconic acts such as the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, The Clash and The Ramones.

In today’s music, Bad Brain’s impact can be heard across the board. They have been an influence on the Red hot Chili Peppers, and they can be felt in the reggae-punk combination of a live Slightly Stoopid performance. It is this respect coupled with the talents of vocalist H.R (Human Rights)., guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Darryl Jenifer, and drummer Earl Hudson, that gives the band their legendary status.

Over the years, there has been several times of break up for Bad Brains, putting performances on hiatus, or substituting out members. In 2005 the original four members regrouped, this time joining forces with the late, great Beastie Boys artist and independent producer, Adam Yauch, to release Build A Nation in June of 2007. Now, after five years of touring, festival gigs, and work on their various solo efforts, Bad Brains has created the follow-up to their reuniting comeback record.

On November 19th, Bad Brains once again returned to the spotlight with Into The Future. Released via Megaforce Records, the highly anticipated record is one bassist Darryl Jenifer describes as a “the purest Bad Brains’ recordings since the ROIR cassette…A treat for the hardcore Bad Brains’ fan, with a variety of styles and creative progression not seen in years. This self-produced record shines with a true sense of freedom and musical experimentation, with blends of soulful backgrounds meshed with blistering hardcore and metal riffs, with classic dub.”

The 13-tracks of Into The Future are surrounded by inspiration. The cover art was designed by lifelong Bad Brains’ fan, and American artist, Shepard Fairey, who struck fame during the 2008 presidential election for his illustration of the Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster. To end the record, Bad Brains included the “MCA Dub.” From their early days as a rock group, the Beastie Boys were inspired by these legends. This final track is Bad Brains’ tribute to their lifelong fan and friend, Adam Yauch.

This is a record that can be enjoyed by new and hardcore Bad Brains’ fans a like. It encompasses their classic sound, laying hard into heavier tracks, but also slowing down for several dubbed out reggae tracks, labeled by the band as “future reggae.” The new LP is on itunes, Amazon, and in stores now.

Into The Future Track List:
1.) Into The Future
2.) Popcorn
3.) We Belong Together
4.) Youth Of Today
5.) RubADub Love
6.) Yes I
7.) Suck Sess
8.) Jah Love
9.) Earnest Love
10.) Come Down
11.) Fun
12.) Maybe A Joyful Noise
13.) MCA Dub

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

Watch: Bad Brains – “I Against I” Official Music Video from 1986

Listen: Bad Brains “Into the Future”

One Response to Bad Brains 35th Anniversary

  1. Dub Diezel says:

    Am loving it!!!! They should be called the “BAD-ASS Brains”, because these punk-metal Rasta’s still kill it. Still unique, H.R. still wicked craziness with soothing melodic tendency type style lyrics with yelps and 1-2 second screams here and there. Always said if he isn’t on some kind of crazy hip-tonic drugs (laced Ganja perhaps..hehe j/k) then he should be hahaha because I don’t know how else then to describe the genius musician.

    Saw da Brains live at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale last year, and a lot of us were talking out in the crowd before they came out wondering if this might be our last chance to see them perform live, and for a lot of people was their first time ever seeing them play live to begin with. Sure there were talks of another possible album this and that, but if anyone knows Bad Brains, and have followed them throughout the years, then they know that you take any news with a grain of salt, because it changes so frequently.

    I never get my hopes up until the actual day a new record hits the shelves at stores. I am not going to review the whole album, as we have The Pier staff for that, I want to wait and see what they have to say and if there is any correlation with what I think of it etc… I will say Track 2 “Popcorn” has to be one cool ass Metal-Funky song and the lyrics are sic. I actually think this track is somewhat different than most other material we hear from the Brains meaning a more funk side to them with this track. Pretty damn cool. Track 4 “Youth of Today” is actually a song where two to three of different styles are thrown and combined in the mix as we hear from so much of today’s many different bands in the scene (genre). Meaning they will usually if not always just do a whole punk song, or a whole reggae song without combining the two styles heavily with one another in the same track. Punk Metal Hard-Core that breaks eventually into the clean-scratch-skanking-rhythm guitar work, that then is blended with a superb metal guitar solo over the continuous skanking and cool bass line etc…etc..! Luv it!!! Then of course throughout the disc you have your dubbness etc… That’s all I’ll say. Get this Album!!! Nice work as usual Bad Brains. Bless!

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