Friday Jan 19
Tommy Dubs

For me, music is life. I take the history and context of music very seriously and have a soft spot for bands that dig deep. I have been obsessed with music since I was very young and started playing when I was around 12.

I have been a diehard fan of island music for over 25 years, finding inspiration in Reggae and Soca Music. Performers like Anthony B, Scare Dem Crew, Steel Pulse, Sublime, Buju Banton, Tenor Saw, Stone Love and Michael Rose had a very large impact on me growing up and fueled my passion. I have been lucky enough to see many of the greats perform and lucky enough to witness a scene in bloom.

I am a lover of Dub, a Rock N Roll enthusiast and imitation-hater. In the moment, I’m usually not afraid to speak my mind while realizing I will regret it down the road. I believe there is gold in this scene and it is my job to pan it with the pyrite.

Instagram = @TommyDubs