Sunday Feb 25
Eric Schoep

AdamLyon I am a music lover and a technology nerd at heart who is always looking for ways to combine the two. I grew up in San Diego (GO CHARGERS!!) attending punk shows with my childhood best friend, Blake Taylor, and volunteering in the music industry doing everything from audio/visual, security, and road crew.

After 15 years tied to a desk, I am excited to be back in the music industry once again thanks to my old friend Blake! During those 15 years, I have worked in a number of other industries learning various sales, marketing and business development techniques, and have now broken away as a freelancer to pass along what I’ve learned to the industry I truly care about the most.

I’ve had the privilege of living in three different states, enjoying the music scenes in Southern CA, Phoenix, AZ & now currently in Seattle/Tacoma, WA. I love football & boxing, hanging out with my American Bulldog Rocko, and exploring the great outdoors to find scenic drives & remote locations to photograph. Come find me at the next show & say hi!

Instagram = @PhotoShoopSEA
YouTube = theSCHOEP