Friday Dec 15
Cameron Schuyler

Passion for All Things Art & Design:
From an early age, Cameron has pursued his passion for art. Selling his first sketch in the second grade made him realize early on that this was the career path for him. When others wanted to be firemen or police officers, Cameron always wanted to be an “artist”. Today, Cameron has worked with many bands in the reggae/rock community such as The Dirty Heads, Stick Figure, and Seedless. Check out his personal portfolio at:

Illustration & Live Painting:
After being featured in RAW Artist Orange County’s 2014 Local Artists Showcase and receiving a lot of buzz over his recent painting endeavors, Cameron decided to pursue the 2015 California Roots Live Painting Wild Card Contest and won the contest out of the top 5 selected artists! At the festival, Cameron realized a personal dream of his by painting on stage with his favorite band, The Dirty Heads!

Layers of Experience:
With over 10 years of experience as a professional designer, Cameron has come to be knowledgeable and skilled at many arenas within the design realm. His history in both web design and designing for print marketing proves he truly is a jack of all trades, with mastery as his highest goal in everything he does. His company, Empire Design, is a leading design and marketing company in the southern California region. To check out his company portfolio, visit:

Designer for
Cameron creates nearly all of the custom graphics you see produced for and its social media outlets. The quality of his work is unparalleled and we are beyond excited to have him as part of the team!