Tuesday Jan 16
PJ Pierangeli

PJ_Pierangeli Growing up just outside of Philadelphia PA, music quickly became an early passion. Eager to learn any instrument I could get my hands on, I began playing all types of songs from artists like Billy Joel to the Rolling Stones on the piano, guitar, and harmonica. As I grew older, the reggae-rock genre quickly stole my interest and I spent a lot of my time traveling around Philadelphia going to various shows including the Fear Nuttin Band, SOJA, The Movement, Tribal Seeds, Three Legged Fox and more. I even had the opportunity to record some songs in Kyle Wareham’s (Lead vocals for Three Legged Fox) home studio in Pennsylvania.

I then packed up to attend college at Flagler College located in Saint Augustine, Florida, just south of Jacksonville Beach. There, I was able to expand my knowledge of music and media by traveling to various venues all over Florida to catch many different shows.

I am now currently a student of life who embraces all experiences and opportunities which I am willing to share with anyone and everyone. Feel free to reach out with anything that may be on your mind and I will be happy to chat.