Thursday Feb 22
77 Jefferson: New Music Update!

77 Jefferson is expected to release their new album Truth this August. As they prepare to release their new album, the group stopped by The Pier to give us some insight on the new release & giving us a home made, poolside video of a new song titled Compare to Nothing.

77 Jefferson had a lot to say about their new album, an upcoming west coast tour & their new song they did in a home made, poor quality, pool side video for the new song Compare to Nothing. That’s not to say the song is poor, just hard to make out the vocals, but the guitars sound pretty good. Check out the video, but here’s what 77 Jefferson had to tell The Pier & what we can all look forward to as a result of their new release…

“So, the song by the pool “Compare to Nothing”, will be on our upcoming album “Truth” due out in August. This song has a unique motown/reggae vibe, which will be more apperant in the album version. This song takes the lovers rock vibe, which we love, if you can’t tell by now.”77 Jefferson went to tell The Pier that the new album “Truth” It’s about diving in to what your heart tells you, and not looking back. The new album “TRUTH” is an honest and up-front interpretation of our lives, dealing with real problems, real love for people and music, and everything in between. Coming from the middle of America, where we have a distinct change in seasons. This albums sound focuses on summer vibes, which alot of our fans get to enjoy more often than us. It will be a nice mix of tunes comparable to both Rarities and In the Right Mood. We are very excited to get this out. We are locking down a West Coast tour at the moment, which will be in mid August. We are also setting up a Hawaii tour for October of this year. We love you Mid-West, but it’s about that time. You can download the new albums first single, “Fast Girl” Feat. Ikena Dupont of Hawaii’s own Cease Fyah at, as well as a 9 song sampler with music from all of our previouse albums. Thank you everyone for all the continued support, we hope to see you SOON! Love & “Truth”
– 77 Jefferson

Here’s 77 Jefferson poolside acoustically playing new song Compare to Nothing

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