Saturday Dec 16
311 Reveals New Album Cover

Taken from the groups Facebook page, 311 debuted the captivating album cover for their new album, Universal Pulse, out July 19th! Visual artist Sonny Kay designed the cover and cd package, featuring a 12 page booklet! SA chimes in, “I absolutely LOVE the artwork!!! Dopest cover we’ve ever had.”

Get ready for some great summer jams! Stay tuned for Pre Order options (including special contest prizes!). CD, Digital, Vinyl & Combo packages will be available.

311 – Universal Pulse out July 19…the countdown is on!

What are your thoughts on 311’s new album cover? Love it? Hate it? Let us know your thoughts by posting freely inside our very own custom Pier Forum where you can network with other fans from the community!

2 Responses to 311 Reveals New Album Cover

  1. Dub Diezel "bumpin some 311" says:


  2. benrac says:

    SOOOOO sweet, can’t wait!

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